How It Works

When you sign up for Peacefully Empowered, each month you will receive a box of carefully curated lifestyle and self care products, a therapeutic activity and video blog featuring skills to empower you to be the best mama you can be. 

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You hear it all the time, "you need to take time for yourself."  This sounds great in theory but in real life, it can be hard to find the time, the quiet space, the right skills and products that will actually help.  

This is where Peacefully Empowered steps in.  We deliver concise, action based lessons and skills delivered by a licensed marriage and family therapist.  All products in the box help you achieve your self care and empowered mama goal for the month.

Each month's box will be created with a theme in mind, to assist you in getting the most our of your precious time.  Skills and concepts are delivered in a video blog format with a written action based experiment in the box.  

Skills and interventions are informed by the following approaches: Brain based child development, positive parenting, love and logic, dialectical behavioral therapy and evidence based self care strategies.

Self Care delivered to your doorstep!

Each month will feature a theme designed to help you learn, grow and thrive as a mama.